Realfantasy Online

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15 Ratings
Game Type: Monthly Fee
Category: MMORPG
Platform: Browser
Perspective: 2D
Languages: English Chinese

Tags: MMOG, MMORPG, Action RPG, Browser-RPG, Browsergames, Fantasy


Realfantasy Online is a whole new cutesy ARPG web game developed by Dream Square. Based on Medieval Europe, Realfantasy Online is about adventurous quests undertaken by a group of young hunters who commit to their dreams and beliefs.

The game is announced for Q2, 2013. It is already available in chinese as "仙境物语".

In Realfantasy Online aka "Hunter X Hunter", players can choose among a number of occupations to be a warrior, a servant, a mage, an assassin, or a merchant and advance to a new class or occupation at the appropriate time. Emphasizing on the theme “making your decision," the game play is rich yet diverse, and with the unique combinations of costumes and appearances in the dress changing system, players can create their own distinctive looks.

In Realfantasy Online, players can experience the exciting plots, take quests to find hidden secrets with their partners and will ultimately discover the power to change the world! The highlights of the game are the pre-battle skill/item arrangement system and in-battle real time manipulation skills, and they greatly enhance the maneuverability and playability of the game. Realfantasy Online was developed using the latest Flash 11 technology, no downloading is necessary and players only need to open browser to play the game!